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A well -designed website or landing page expands your sales and new business chances.
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He owns a digital agency that operates in the US, Brazil and Europe.

Become a franchisee Bloei.

How does your client see you?

The customer buys quality, your brand needs to show the credibility of your product or service


Invest on a professional website, landing page or e-commerce and present your products and services to new customers.


Mark presence on social networks and increase your sales with professional posts that retain customer attention.


Professional design for your print, adding value to your brand and your products and services.


Make your business prosper
through sales levers, operating costs and people’s engagement.

Your company on the internet

Design Web & Social

Disclosing your online company has become mandatory not to be forgotten by your customers and win new ones. Through a good commercial strategy aligned with the internet sales funnel with professional arts you maximizes sales conversion.
The perceived value of your product or service goes hand in hand with the quality of the marketing you develop.

Sites and Landing Pages

Creation and layout of responsive websites, focused on the user experience (UX Design) and directed to your business commercial strategy.

Presentations, logos and visual identity

Are you starting your business or is it time to update your business? Hit when creating quality material and starting on the right foot. Nothing how to introduce to your customers the true DNA of your brand.

Social media

Being frequent on social networks is a obligation and you cannot be out. Your company needs a professional presence with quality posts that impact from the first impression.

Your brand in hands your client

Graphic Design

No matter the occasion, you can always get it right with a printed material in your marketing strategy.
We offer a vast product line to improve your brand’s perceived value and publicize your products and services.

Corporate communication

A company uses the entire line of printed material such as envelopes, bags, labels, tone paper, among others. We shape each material according to the niche of your business.

Leaflets, menus and presentations

By communicating your product or service, printed material allows you to reach an audience closer to your physical point and stimulates it to face -to -face purchase.

Cards and Vouchers

Are you in a business coffee or want to build customer loyalty? Have your business card, GIFT Cards, return vouchers and make sure your customer remember you.


Having and maintaining an EXCELLENT online presence requires work.

Our vast experience of over 15 years in the digital market has allowed us to understand how people use sites. We know what they are looking for. We know where potential customers are and we know strategies that make your site perform better than your competitors.

If you want your site to be competitive and convert visitors to customers, your online presence needs to be built with strategy.

A website or online store should not only be attractive and professional, but accurately planned to increase leads and help your business grow.

Who we already attend?

Owns a digital agency

We have a perfect plan for you who always dreamed of having your own digital agency. Work with us, you will have no cost to start your business and all you need is a device with internet access to prospect customers.

You can sell websites and e-commerce to companies and business and we perform the service. We will charge you a very low amount and you can charge you as much as you want from your customer, we guarantee profits of up to 300% in each product sold. See two example next to it ->

You pay USD 300
You sell by USD 700
Monthly hosting: Pay USD 19.90 Sale by USD 59.90

You pay USD 500
You sell by USD 900
Monthly hosting: Pay USD 34.90 Sale by USD 79.90

Initial Investment: USD 180

You receive 1,000 business cards with your name and your contacts
+ A lead capture page with your contact information

Monthly Royalties: USD 50

This value keeps your website on the Internet and ensures the use of our brand anywhere in the world

See below some ready models

Wesite 1

Website 4

Website 7

Website 10

Ecommerce 1

Website 2

Website 5

Website 8

Website 11

Ecommerce 2

Website 3

Website 6

Website 9

Website 12

Ecommerce 3


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